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How to get chicks How to get chicks

Rated 5 / 5 stars


holy shit I love you guys.

Seankiely responds:

gee thank you :D

Prof Oaks Research Prof Oaks Research

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Why why why...

This was unbearable to watch. I'll give you a 1 for effort.

There are two things that do not blend together at all. Anime and Poor Drawings. Anime is fine; I like it. Poor Drawings are poor drawings. But if you draw poorly and you try the anime style then it usually comes out looking terrible. Practice on your drawing skills if you really want to try anime. Please.

Onto why the anime does NOT work. For instance, the Metapod scene. He gets all angry about being named penis (very very old 'joke') and his eye turns red. An anime characteristic of course, but you're not an anime artist. It just pisses me off when people do the whole "eye's going red out of anger" anime thing because it NEVER WORKS. Unless you're an anime artist, you can't do it right. The voice 'actor' wasn't funny in the least. In order for us to believe he's angry you need the actor to convey emotion. Otherwise the anger is completely lost in terrible voice acting.

And please drop the memes next time. At least keep up with the new memes if you're persistent on using them. All in all, work harder. And don't feed me the bullshit "If you can't do any better then don't critique.". My animations aren't that great either. But food critics don't critique knowing they can do better. I'm sure you can tell if food is terrible or not on your own without having a degree in the culinary arts.

Just work on it, ok?

Press Start: GTAwful Press Start: GTAwful

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great stuff

I have to admit, this was pretty funny! Nice work!

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No Presence For Krismus No Presence For Krismus

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It's funny/entertaining. I changed my clock to 11:59pm on Dec. 24 to see what would happen, and once it reached 0 it just went negative :(. So no surprises or anything... sad face.

DaveCoulierClock responds:

That's a sweet idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

The 'N' Word The 'N' Word

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was... uhhh.... good?

Zionas mini fight Zionas mini fight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's really hard to say whether this is good or not. The animation runs smoothly and nicely, but because it was incredibly short I think you should work on it more and then resubmit.

Don't get me wrong, it looks great. But don't submit something good that's only 15 seconds (didn't count) long. Cause you would be MUCH better off if this was something like 2 minutes long.

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KaanAngel responds:

Well, I understand what you mean. I didn't have a storyline, so thats why it's so short.
Btw thanks for the 9 =)

Mario's last jump :( Mario's last jump :(

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Kinda poor work there, although I will admit I at least got a chuckle out of it.

Work done in one hour should not be posted on newgrounds, ever. Gotta put more time and effort into it!

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Giantsockmonster responds:

It was supposed to be a short movie...

: Escort Mission : : Escort Mission :

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dead Rising

The game she's talking about HAS to be Dead Rising. No other game has ever been so annoying. Of course, it IS fun, but there are escort missions every 30 seconds which do nothing but waste your time. The survivors you escort are completely helpless, and they are all so easy to kill. Dead Rising noooo doubt. Either way, nice animation. It made me laugh.

Midnight Visit Midnight Visit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Favorite Thing

My favorite thing about this whole thing is the fact that you used more frame-by-frame animation rather than the cheap way out of tweening everything. I mean, you did do it, but at least you kept it to obvious stuff like zooming in and making that monster slowly move. So huge props man, good job!

Also, just as a side note, you might want to make your brush smaller when it comes to light and shading. It was a little too bulby ;3.

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GoatmanGADs responds:

evidence that I rushed it, you've got a closer eye than most people that have reviewed. Thanks :}

Fizz (Episode 1) Fizz (Episode 1)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It had something

This seems to be an 'ok' for a pilot. Personally, I thought it was pretty good. Although abit cliche, I'll give you a decent score. As for the animation, it was almost all tweened. Practically tween-rapped if you ask me. Tween tween tween. However, you DID use it effectively, and that gives tweening a good name. So congrats on that, the dialogue saves the rest.

I'm going to sound like an old people but, is it a little too much to ask for a little frame-by-frame now and then? I mean, it may not look as great as tweening AT FIRST but PRACTICE makes huge, and I mean huge, improvements. Frame-by-frame is also so much more vastly dynamic than tweening. And it looks more professional to show yourself trying something hard.

I'm rambling on like an old people aren't I? Sorry, wanted to get my point across. Hope the series goes well! Don't steal ideas, and make some kick-ass animation! :D

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah I really tweened the crap out of this sucker, and you're right I should do more FBF stuff, and I think Fizz is going to be a great series for me to practice FBF on, expect less tweens in episode 2 for sure!